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This is the first coffee we roasted from our new partners Andrés and María from Farm 4 Llamas in Bolivia. This Geisha lot is the most expensive lot we have ever purchased!

The high price is justified, because the team of 4 Llamas is obsessed with every step of the production process. What makes this lot special is the unique processing method. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are placed in special fermentation tanks. Oxygen is then removed from the tanks and nitrogen is added. In this process, only the lactic acid bacteria survive, which ensure a consistent taste. The beans are then de-pulped and dried with the mucilage. This complex process has its price but results in an exceptional coffee.

4Llamas Farm

4Llamas Andres Farmer

4Llamas Drying

About the farm
The two founders a young couple named Andres and Marita of 4 Llamas were going to start an NGO dedicated to sustainability, but then discovered their love for coffee. They wanted to know the different steps coffee has to go through before you can drink it.
Through a friend they met Mr. Carmelo who helped them a lot to start their business and built a mill next to his farm in Bolivia. They bought cherries from him and other small farmers and experimented with different ways of fermentation.
The first year was very difficult for them because the coffee trees they planted were almost destroyed by heavy rains. Also, they bought a machine but it never arrived and so they had to borrow the mill from Mr. Carmelo.
On the farm, sustainable production is very important. The workers are paid fairly and they save as much water as possible. They try to build a perfect ecosystem so that the coffee beans can develop their full and intense flavor.
The harmony of the three key components nature, man and technology makes their coffee so special.

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