Kaffee mit weniger Säuren

Low acid coffee

Low acid coffee, the most important criteria for buying coffee

Anyone looking for a low-acid coffee should consider the following when buying. On the subject of low-acid coffee, it must be said that other factors often play a role in low-quality coffee or low-quality processing, as this usually produces tannins that are not present in high-quality processed coffee.

Drum roasting instead of hot air roasting

You can already do a lot by buying gently roasted coffee. Most conventional coffees are roasted by hot air. Here, the roasting takes place at extremely high temperatures and in an extremely short time. With the drum roasting method we use, on the other hand, the beans are roasted at lower temperatures over a longer period of time. Since the coffee acid breaks down during roasting, coffee roasted for a longer period contains much less coffee acid. In addition, as with so-called industrial roasting, no tannic acids are produced, making the coffee very digestible.

Espresso instead of filter coffee

The longer the roasting takes, the more coffee acid is broken down. Since espresso beans are roasted much longer than filter coffee beans, they are much less acidic.

Coffee with milk

It can be more digestible if you don't drink your espresso neat, but as a flat white or cappuccino. The milk reduces the acidity, which is then diluted many times in the stomach. However, you should find out exactly whether you can tolerate espresso with cow's milk or whether you should use oat milk or other milk alternatives.

Low altitude

Coffee beans contain more caffeic acid the higher they are grown. Now, you might think that this is why you should go for robusta beans, which are basically grown at lower altitudes.

Coffee variety

However, Robusta coffee beans contain many times more coffee acid than the milder Arabica coffee beans. Thus, one should resort to the less frequently sold 100% Arabica espresso.

Cold Brew

If you are highly sensitive and none of the previous tips work, you can try simply brewing the coffee cold, the so-called "cold brew", because this coffee contains 70% less acid than a conventional cup of coffee.