Neue Verpackung für unsere Kaffees

New packaging for our coffees

Now also beautiful from the outside!

You probably already know our new website, but we didn't want to stop there. That's why we are especially happy to show you our new packaging design today. We think that our beans deserve to be pretty from the outside as well. That's why we have created a new design, in which you will find on each package also a small hint about the content. So we have tried to pick up individual flavors in the pictures on the package. You will also find the flavor profile, information about the farm and of course variety and quantity information, as well as the roasting date, so you always know how fresh the coffee is that we send you.

Our new coffee bags are completely aluminum-free, made from 100% recycled plastic, and certified CO2 neutral. In the future, you'll always find more information about each coffee, for example about how it was grown or how to prepare it perfectly, on the website. We didn't want to overload the package with too much information. We hope you enjoy the new packaging and we are looking forward to your order. This way to the Online Store. Let's become friends and get 10% on your first online store order: TO THE NEWSLETTER REGISTRATION