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Preparing espresso correctly, espresso quantity and extraction time

Preparing an espresso correctly

Making a good espresso depends on the right balance of espresso quantity and extraction time. A good, freshly roasted espresso, the right grind, the right brewing temperature and perfect tamping are of course required. First, you should be clear about which flavor characteristics of the espresso you want to bring out. A short extraction time emphasizes the acid lines, a medium one brings out the sweetness, while a long one emphasizes the bitterness. An espresso made from coffee roasted as espresso usually runs between 20 and 40 seconds. Our Head Barista Kim develops her own recipe for each new espresso for our cafés. These recipes cannot be implemented 1:1 on a machine at home, as we work with a very high quality gastro La Marzocco portafilter machine. The recipe should only give an idea on which points you could improve the espresso at home.

Our machine has 9bar and we have set a brewing temperature of 92 degrees. Brewing temperatures above 96degrees make the coffee bitter below 92 degrees the flavors cannot be filtered out perfectly. Our strainers can hold 18g of espresso powder, so the recipe for this was determined using our TANSANIA Machare Estate Espresso:

Tanzania Machare Espresso recipe:

18g of ground espresso 30 seconds of extraction time yields 42g of finished espresso Espresso is a washed coffee, the sweetness and subtle floral flavors of which this recipe is intended to emphasize. The ratio between the amount of espresso extracted and the amount of espresso ground is called the brew ratio. It's a good way to work your way up from a brew ratio of 1:2 to your personal best with high-quality Arabica espresso. Try it out with our TANSANIA Machare Estate Espresso here.