Latte Art Throwdown

Latte Art Throwdown

Have you heard? A new alternative milk is now available in our cafés: Minor Figures Barista Oat.

The first bags of milk are chilled and the excitement is building tonight as we wait for the Latte Art Thorughdown to start. A small competition that we organise with our baristas, not only to give all employees the opportunity to better assess the new milk in advance: Oat milk is known to have different chewing properties due to the slightly different composition of oats, water and vegetable oil used. In the case of Minor Figures, this is 12% oats, sunflower oil. The slightly higher oat content should make the milk sweeter.

The most important judging factors in a latte art run-through are contrast, alignment and, of course, the pattern of the latte art. Tonight's judges are our Head Trainer DImi, the newly appointed Head Roaster Michal and Head of Online Pia.

The special difficulty tonight is that only very few of our baristas have had any experience with the new milk. But that makes the competition all the more exciting and fun! Anyone can win, because even for experienced baristas, working with a new milk is not easy.

We draw lots to see who competes against whom. Then winners pour against winners and non-winners against non-winners.

The prize was a bag of the extremely popular Shantawene Filter Coffee and, of course, one of the first bags of Minor Figures Oat M*lk for breakfast. Happy Brewing! :)

Are you interested in latte art? Trainer Dimi gives a latte art course every week for beginners as well as for advanced students.

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