Fuerst Wiacek X 19grams

Fuerst Wiacek X 19grams

We are super happy to announce our TeamUp with our colleagues from Fuerst Wiacek. Since this January, we have the Imperial Stout - Coffee infused! And we love it!

The brewmasters at Fuerst Wiacek have chosen the wonderful Sonora SL28 from our friends at Hacienda Sonora. A variety originally from Africa, it develops fantastic flavour profiles in the terroir of the Central Valley, where Hacienda Sonora is located in Costa Rica. The variety naturally contains fruity acids and high sweetness, which perfectly suits the full, chocolaty and lightly earthy stout.

The intense and complex notes of macadamia, caramel and raspberry complement the Imperial Stout beautifully. The stout, which develops tart, slightly bitter flavours, is traditionally brewed with coffee, which can give it an additional roasted note. With the lighter roast of the Sonora SL28, more fruity notes come through here.

Therefore, definitely try it! The beer is available online at Fuerst Wiacek, but also in selected branches.

Additional product information:

Canned on: 10.01.2023
Net filling quantity: 0,46 kg

Place of origin: Germany
Brewed in Berlin.

Alcohol Content: 10 % vol
Filling amount: 0,44 l


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