Kunst im Schlesi | Wir stellen zwei junge Künstlerinnen vor

Art in our Schlesi Cafe | We introduce two new comers

Last week we started what we hope will be the first of many collaborations with Berlin-based artists. If you've been to our café on Schlesische Straße lately, you may have noticed the great new artworks on our walls.

The two artists we are featuring today are from France and Ireland and their works complement each other but are also very different. Lucille Guder, who hails from Paris, works with collage techniques and acrylic paints, focusing on women and flowers, with the aim of empowering women regardless of their shape or size. Erin Cusack, from Ireland, focuses on space, creating abstract shapes and lines with bright colours.

Both artists have made our café on Schlesische Straße an even more relaxed place to enjoy a coffee, cake or brunch. If you haven't been there lately, we recommend you come by and admire their damn good work!

Lucille Guder | French artist based in Berlin from Paris. Started painting one year ago.

Art style: Acrylic & collage.

The collage technique combined with acrylic paint gives her the freedom that she adores: she can try, create and reinvent endlessly. She loves searching for the right silk papers that will match perfectly with the bright colours from her acrylic paint palette.

With her art, she wants to empower women and bring joy.

"I am painting what I believe are the 2 most beautiful things on Earth: Women and Flowers. I can never get enough of the beauty of a naked woman or of a flower blooming in the early days of spring.

With my art, I want to empower women. I want them to feel good in their bodies, no matter what shape their bodies have.

I get my inspiration on the street, in nature, on Instagram, in photography exhibitions."

Niamh-Erin Cusack | Irish artist based in Berlin from Ireland.

Art style: Abstract visual art.

"My work is based on astronomical theories and discoveries, combining both science and visual art in a spontaneous way. My discoveries are recorded under the night sky creating abstract shapes and lines. I grew up with family of artists, hence why I use vibrant colours through painting as a form of familiarity and to illustrate my curiosity into our Solar System."

You would like to exhibit your paintings in our Café am Schlesi - then we are looking forward to your message to info@19grams.coffee - Ben is looking forward to your message!