Kaffee Adventskalender

Coffee Advent Calendar

For several years now, the Single Origin Coffee Advent Calendar has established itself in our online store during the Christmas season and is becoming increasingly popular. In this calendar lies our heart and soul. The special thing about this coffee advent calendar is that it is 24 different coffee surprises of the absolute top class. We present you different roasts of unique and varietal coffees.

There are 24 times best beans in 50g bags with resealable zip lock so that the diverse flavors also last a long time. The Advent calendar takes you on a coffee journey around the world. This year, single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya and Colombia are included. On each of the bags you will find the exact area of origin of the exquisite coffees. There is hardly a comparable product that contains so many different single origin top coffees at the same time.

This year, for example, one of the 2016 Cup of Excellence winners from Guatemala will be packed into a sachet! The Cup of Excellence is the competition for the best green coffees in the world. The title "Award Winner" is only given to participating coffee lots, not to whole farms. Therefore, the CoE winning coffees are always an absolute rarity, available only in small and strictly limited quantities. These coffees are auctioned off in an international auction. The beans are then freshly roasted in our coffee roastery.

Because the Advent calendars contain only whole beans, in order to get the optimal taste experience at home, we have also created a calendar variant with a high-quality and easy-to-use Rhinowares hand mill made of stainless steel. The lightweight quality mill has a precise ceramic cone grinder.