Filterkaffee - Schritt für Schritt Anleitung

Filter coffee - step by step guide

The Czech champion in filter coffee brewing, Karo Tornado - has conjured up for you a recipe for the finest filter coffee enjoyment with our Ekata Community India filter.

She used the Hario V60 series hand filters for the preparation. Karo's recipe is suitable for brewing 270ml - that is 1 to 2 cups of filter coffee - but you can brew more or less coffee with this recipe by simply adjusting the brew ratio.

Here's how it works:

Preparation: wet the filter, weigh and grind the beans

Place the folded paper filter in the V60 and heat the water in your kettle. Before you pour the coffee powder into the filter, first pour some hot water on the paper filter so that it is completely wet from the water. You do this for the following reasons: If you pour your coffee with a dry paper filter, some of the water will be absorbed by the filter, making it difficult to determine the exact amount of coffee, and thus your recipe will not be accurate. Wetting the coffee filter beforehand also rinses out the paper taste of the filter beforehand, so your coffee won't taste like paper later. And finally, your cup is now already pre-warmed, so your coffee won't be subject to sudden temperature changes that can affect the taste experience.

Karo recommends using 15 grams of our beans to 270 ml of water. You should weigh the coffee beans very carefully and grind them to a medium grind. After you have already poured hot water over the filter, pour the ground coffee into the filter and pour about 30-40 ml of water. Pour the water in circles so that the filter fills evenly and the coffee powder is completely covered with water.

The optimal water temperature is 94.5 degrees Celsius. When the coffee is first brewed, many large bubbles appear on the surface, which is why this phase is also called "blooming" in English. The fresher the coffee has been roasted and the lighter the roast, the more the coffee can foam here, which smells wonderful. To prevent the coffee powder from clumping together, Karo stirs twice with a spoon from front to back or right to left. Stirring should only be done carefully so that the filter paper is not damaged in any way. The blooming phase should last about 30 seconds. The remaining water is poured on gradually (about 50 ml of water at a time) with a gentle stream and in circular motions. How much water is in the filter at the same time has an influence on the later taste: If you pour all the water into the filter right away, Karo recommends to take the filter in your hand and let the water swing in the filter by circular movements, so that an even extraction can take place. After only about 3 min, the water should be completely through and you can drink your perfect cup of filter coffee! To enjoy the full flavors of your filter coffee, give it a short time to cool down. Once cooled - at room temperature - your filter coffee will have developed a wonderful flavor profile.