Neuer Espresso aus Costa Rica

New espresso from Costa Rica

Top espresso from Costa Rica from Hacienda Sonora

Our espresso classic Villalobos from Costa Rica is finally available again in our Online Store. The coffee beans come from Hacienda Sonora, a family-run coffee farm located on the fertile foothills of the Paos volcano in Costa Rica's West Valley. The coffee farm has been in existence for over 50 years and is run by the Guardia family.

Espresso aus Costa Rica

The Guardias attach great importance to producing their coffee as gently and ecologically as possible, in harmony with the surrounding rainforest and the rich flora and fauna. Their coffee grows mostly between the shady canopy of trees and provides the plants with the necessary nutrients so that the coffee cherries can develop optimally. As a source of energy for the entire finca, a Pelton turbine is used, which is driven by the water power of a stream. This raging and beautiful body of water supplies the entire finca with "100% Green Energy".

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We have known the Guardias for almost ten years now and are delighted to count such an exceptional family among our friends, who produce outstanding coffees with such dedication and love for nature.

Espresso Costa Rica

The green coffee of our Villalobos Espresso was processed as Natural. After harvesting, the ripe coffee cherries are spread out with their skins on large patios and dried in the sun for up to 15 days. Afterwards, the coffee beans are sculptured, i.e. freed from the dried pulp.

This video
really impressively shows the process of processing the coffee at Hacienda Sonora and the beautiful landscape in which the coffee plants grow:


Every year we are thrilled anew by the beans of Villalobos coffee. Due to the Natural preparation, it is fruity and sweet in taste, but equally very soft and round. As always, we roasted it as an espresso to perfectly emphasize the full-bodied character and notes of cherries and oranges and the chocolaty aftertaste.

Sonora Villalobos

The espresso is now available for purchase in our Online Store.