Der Espresso des Orang Utan Projekts aus Sumatra ist zurück!

The Espresso of the Orang Utan Project from Sumatra is back!

Our espresso from Sumatra is back and taste-wise it has a lot to offer. It combines a nutty, earthy and strong body with an initial fruitiness that combines with delicate notes of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel.

Organic farming, coffee enjoyment and species conservation!

The tropical rainforest in the heart of Sumatra has a special climate in which the unique Arabica coffee grows. Here, in the Gayo Highlands, the Orang Utan Coffee Project has set itself the task of protecting the habitat of the orangutans, preserving nature and at the same time creating a livelihood for the people of the region.

The small farmers who grow coffee in the Highlands cultivate their fields purely organically. So only coffee beans from farmers who are committed to protecting the rainforest with all its animals and plants go into our espresso.

They receive a premium for their commitment and conviction, and we support the Orang Utan Conservation Program with the sale of this espresso. Thus, in addition to the people of the region, the animals also have a protected habitat, because the rainforest of Sumatra is the natural habitat of the last 6000 wild orangutans.