Wush Wush Kaffee-Varietät

Wush Wush | Coffee varieties

A variety that attracts attention not only because of its unusual name, but also because of its rarity and incomparable taste: the Wush Wush variety from Ethiopia! Like many other heirloom varieties, the variety is named after the region from which it comes. Wush Wush is a small area in the southwest of Ethiopia, not far from the well-known growing areas of Jimma and Sidamo.

The area is known for its fertile highlands, resulting in an outstanding flavour that is very close to that of the Geisha variety.

The path of the Wush Wush variety is very similar to that of the Geisha variety, as it too was brought to Central America and achieves an exceptional flavour profile due to the special climate and terroir.

Wush Wush has its own personality, intensity and a unique complex flavour with fruity sweet and floral notes.