Highland coffee or High-Grown Coffee

Highland coffee is coffee grown at high altitudes between 1000 and 2000 metres above sea level. It consists mainly of Arabica coffee, as the Arabica plant thrives best in the mild climate of these high altitudes. Highland coffee has a fine and harmonious taste, sometimes reminiscent of chocolate.

Coffee is grown around the equator in countries with a balanced climate to avoid extreme temperatures and ensure sufficient rainfall. Highland coffee refers to coffee grown at altitudes of around 1000 metres or higher, with the best plantations found from around 1500 metres. Well-known regions for growing highland coffee are Costa Rica, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Although the longer ripening time of highland coffee at higher altitudes contributes to a finer flavour, the term itself does not guarantee superior quality. Other factors such as soil quality and the specific conditions of each growing region also play a decisive role. Nevertheless, highland coffee grown under natural conditions in forests is generally considered to be of exceptional quality.

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