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Filter holder

A filter holder is an important part of a coffee or espresso machine. It holds the coffee filter into which the ground coffee is filled and attaches it to the brewing group of the machine. In espresso machines, the filter holder is often called a portafilter. Nowadays, it is usually made of stainless steel and has a handle made of plastic or wood. In filter coffee machines, it is more accurately called a filter paper holder.

Originally, coffee was prepared by simply boiling coffee powder with water. The coffee was then often poured through a sieve to remove the coffee grounds. However, this was both cumbersome and often resulted in very bitter coffee. In the 18th century, therefore, a method was developed in which the coffee powder was separated from the water during the boiling process so that only the soluble components remained in the coffee and the coffee grounds could be retained. Initially, filters made of blotting paper or linen were used for this purpose, for example, which were placed in a funnel. In addition, various types of permanent filters became common, each of which acted as a kind of sieve. In 1908, the Melitta company produced and launched disposable filters made of filter paper and the matching filter holders for the filter coffee typical in Germany.

The way you clean a filter holder depends on its type and material. Removable models can often simply be rinsed off with water. To clean a filter holder from a portafilter machine, however, you need a grease-dissolving cleaning agent that was specially developed for portafilter machines. Then place the filter holder without the filter basket in a container containing a mixture of cleaning agent and water. Then let it soak in this solution for about half an hour and then rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.

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