Espressokocher on the stove

Esspresso maker

An espresso maker is a small pot traditionally made of aluminum, but nowadays increasingly made of stainless steel. With it you can easily prepare fresh coffee on the stove or hotplate. The most famous model was developed in 1945 by the Italian Alfonso Bialetti. A predecessor of this stove was a coffee maker from France, which was already on the market in 1819.

A typical espresso maker consists of three parts: The upper part serves as a container for the finished coffee. The coffee flows up through a built-in tube. Below the tube is the first filter. Below it is a funnel insert with a sieve into which the coffee powder is filled. The lower part consists of a kettle with a valve, into which water is filled.

You can find our espresso maker Brew Guide here: Bialetti / Moka pot

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