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Torrefacto Coffee

Torrefacto coffee is a unique method of roasting coffee beans found mainly in Spain, but also in other countries such as France, Portugal, Costa Rica and Argentina. Sugar is added to the beans during the roasting process, resulting in more caramelisation and reduced acidity. Spanish coffee blends typically consist of 20% torrefacto beans blended with 80% traditionally roasted beans known as "mezcla".

Torrefacto beans are easily recognisable by their dark colour and glossy appearance. Due to the sugar coating during roasting, a much darker degree of roast can be achieved, resulting in a longer shelf life. Arabica beans are often used for Torrefacto coffee, where the caramelised beans are mixed with traditionally roasted Arabica beans.

Torrefacto coffee offers a distinctive taste experience. When prepared manually as an espresso, it can have a dominant acidity, while automatic espresso machines produce a smoother and creamier taste. When used in cappuccinos or lattes, the flavours of Torrefacto coffee come out particularly well. The calorie content of Torrefacto coffee is slightly higher than normal coffee without additives, but remains low overall.

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