19grams coffee beans


Supremo is the highest quality grade of Colombian coffee and mainly refers to the larger size of the beans compared to Excelso and UGQ qualities. In the coffee regions of Colombia, located in the foothills of the Andes, Supremo beans thrive in favourable conditions and are protected from heat and wind. To be classified as Supremo, the beans must not be less than 6.75 mm in diameter.

The taste of Supremo coffee is characterised by its rich, round aroma, good body and subtle sweet nutty notes. The best Supremo coffees usually come from the Medellín region in Colombia and are known for their strong flavour, full-bodied character and balanced acidity.

The exact origin of coffee, including Supremo beans, in Colombia is unclear. However, Jesuit priests documented the cultivation of coffee in Colombia as early as 1730. According to legend, a priest brought the first coffee plants from the French Antilles to Colombia via Venezuela. The popularity of coffee spread when the priest prescribed cultivation as penance for the sins of his parishioners.

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