A seal is a form of certification that indicates compliance with certain characteristics. In the context of products such as coffee or food, seals, often referred to as quality or certification seals, indicate not only product quality but also compliance with certain production requirements such as safety standards or environmental regulations. These seals are intended to provide consumers with positive indications of product quality.

Organic seals serve to signal producers' and retailers' commitment to sustainability. They make it easier for environmentally conscious consumers to identify and consciously select brands and products that align with their values. Different seals serve as a signal of trust that companies like to use to communicate their dedication to sustainability.

Sustainability seals help consumers identify food or coffee products that are sustainably grown. Companies and products that are allowed to carry these seals commit to meeting standards that include economic, environmental and social aspects. However, it is important to note that these standards can vary. Consumers can research the Internet for information on the specific criteria and actual promotion of sustainability associated with a particular seal.

It should be noted that there are a large number of eco-labels, especially in the area of organic certification. It can be difficult for consumers to keep track of them all. Among the well-known and reputable seals for sustainable coffee cultivation is the official organic seal, which can be recognized by its hexagonal shape. It guarantees that 95% of coffee comes from farms that follow the guidelines of the EU organic regulation, including the ban on pesticides. The Fairtrade seal stands for fair trade practices and aims to ensure fair wages for coffee farmers in developing countries. The Rainforest Alliance seal, with its green frog symbol, represents an independent environmental organization that works to preserve the rainforest ecosystem and help coffee farmers compete in a coffee market dominated by large corporations.

Seals are awarded by organizations according to their specific criteria. To ensure that certified products actually meet the set standards, independent auditors conduct on-site inspections of recognized seals.

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