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Portafilter or Espresso Machine

A portafilter is an innovative coffee machine that was originally developed in Italy to simplify the preparation of espresso. Its main aim was to better extract the aromatic substances from the coffee beans. At the beginning of the 19th century, the first portafilter machine was introduced to the market. It originally worked with a lever, later semi-automatic machines came on the market and finally modern devices that allow individual adjustment of many parameters.

The operation of a portafilter machine is based on a removable portafilter that holds the coffee powder. Freshly ground coffee powder is filled into the sieve and fixed in the machine. With the help of an electric pump, hot water is forced through the coffee powder under high pressure. The machine consists of various elements such as a pump for optimum pressure, a heating element and boiler to achieve the correct brewing temperature, a steam lance for frothing the milk, a water tank and a brewing group. Careful preparation steps such as preheating the espresso cup, cleaning the portafilter, grinding the coffee, dosing and tamping the coffee powder correctly, and clamping the portafilter in the machine can make a perfect espresso. While using a portafilter requires some practice, it offers the opportunity to adjust individual preferences and increase the quality of the espresso.

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