Omni Röstungen

Omni Roasts

Omni roasts are very popular at the moment, with some large, extremely popular roasters offering only omni roasts, and sometimes lots of them. If you're still wondering what we're actually talking about: we usually distinguish between filter roasts and espresso roasts. Broadly speaking, espresso roasts are more developed than filter roasts, to account for the more aggressive brewing method. 

The idea is to simplify the coffee line-up, so you as the drinker try what appeals to you, without imposing the roaster’s ideas about what is suited to espresso and what is suited to filter. However, due to the radical differences between espresso and filter brewing, this throws up some difficulties. We spoke to Anthony, our head roaster, about why he prefers to roast filters and espressos separately.

Omni roasts, or are roasters just being lazy? ;)

I personally like omni roasts per se. However, I prefer really light, bright and clean espresso pulled at longer ratios favouring flavour clarity over everything else. Basically a filter coffee brewed as an espresso. I also use very high end, expensive equipment anda lot of effort and time to brew my ‘espresso’ which allows me to really control my extractions. On top of that, I prefer fully developed filter roasts with high sweetness and balance over coffees boarding on the edge of underdevelopment. So in my case, an omni roast would work just fine, but what about everyone else? 

95% of our customers don’t have access to this equipment and an even greater number of people prefer a more classic style of espresso with lots of body and texture and lower acidity. To achieve this, it is impossible to omni roast and not ruin what we are striving for with our filter coffees – which is sweet, balanced, bright and juicy and with no signs of roastiness. 

With omni roasts, you end up having to compromise one way or the other, and as such we prefer to roast for both filter and espresso without promises.

A lot of work goes into each of our roasts, from different team members, before the final, designed coffee bag is on the shelf. So it's an even greater luxury when we roast a lot in two different ways - because that means you can try the same lot with two different roast profiles. And just because we give you an indication on the scale (espresso or filter), doesn't mean you have to stick to it. A lightly roasted espresso can make an outstanding cup of filter coffee!

Happy Brewing!