Direkter und fairer Kaffeehandel

Direct & fair Trade

In direct coffee trading, we focus on sustainable, honest and responsible dealings with our partners and producers. We want to build long-term trading relationships and thus achieve the highest possible quality for our coffees. In doing so, we also support the improvement of living conditions in the growing regions.

Direct and fair coffee trade

There are a lot of certificates, awards and seals that you will not find on any of our coffee packaging. Often these have been developed by the EU and cost us and frighteningly the producers a lot of money, which is then missing for the development of sustainable and good cultivation methods. We believe in control through cooperation and therefore our goal is to buy from farmers we know, have visited and with whom we have already philosophized about coffee.
We also put a lot of emphasis on sustainability in our production, but also on the ground with the farmers when it comes to growing, harvesting and processing. We want to offer excellent products, where the producers are paid fairly and which are not grown at the expense of destroying the environment. We share this conviction with many other partners in our industry and that is why we use the same logistics companies together to help us get the coffee to Berlin safely and well packaged. Whenever it is possible and if we buy sufficient quantities we make the trade directly with the local farmers perfect, because this way there is usually and depending on the country still a little celebration and we love that.

Direct coffee trade - what does it mean for us?

Directly traded coffee means for us to be in a lively exchange with the farmers, to buy directly from the farmers and coffee growers and to visit the farms and fincas in regular intervals.
Through numerous trips to our partner producers in the countries of origin, we have not only learned a lot and developed a feeling for the work on the plantations and "beneficios", the processing facilities. We have also established very close and personal business relationships, the goal of which is to deal with each other in a sustainable, honest and responsible manner, far away from and independent of scurrilous stock market speculation.
Our regular work at the origin gives us an indispensable insight into the work of the producers. There we acquire valuable knowledge about the differences in the cultivation of individual varieties, about preparation, drying and processing procedures, optimal storage and logistics. This knowledge enriches us and helps us in our work. In roasting, distribution and preparation of the coffees, we live, love and appreciate the best coffee quality.
Because our first and highest demand is still quality. And for us, this is only given and can only be developed if the farmer can live from his work. Direct coffee trade is not only about fair prices, but also about long-term partnerships between coffee farmer and coffee roaster.

What happens after the coffee has been harvested, the price negotiated and the beans prepared for export?

In some cases, we handle the entire logistical process, from the farm, to the port, to shipping, to import, and then to our roaster. In other cases, we outsource export and import logistics to friendly companies whose work is transparently and comprehensibly integrated into the logistics chain.Thus, the price is transparently composed of the negotiated price with the producer, the logistics and transport costs, the insurance of the transport and the current currency exchange rates. Transparency, close personal ties to producers and sustainable fruitful cooperation are the cornerstones for us to produce the best possible coffee quality.