Getrocknete Kaffeekirschen der Laurina-Varietät


Laurina variety is something special: unusual and very difficult to find. In recent years, it has gained cult status for a surprising reason.

Laurina has a lower caffeine content than Arabica - between a third and a half.

What's so special about it, anyway? Well, for those of us who might like coffee a little too much, it's carte blanche to guzzle more coffee.

But the low caffeine content also has positive effects on the flavor profile. Caffeine is namely the main source of bitterness in coffee, so less caffeine means a milder cup. Laurina is also gifted for its clean flavor profile, with a light, almost creamy acidity.

Laurina is hard to find not only because of the high demand, but also the delicate harvesting conditions. The evolutionary function of caffeine is as a pesticide, as it is toxic to many herbivorous insects, and the bitter taste is even more of a deterrent. A lower caffeine content therefore leads to a reduced pesticide effect, making Laurina harder to grow, and usually gives a smaller crop - about 20 to 30 percent than other Arabica varieties.

All this leads to sometimes higher prices for Laurina coffees than the fully confined varieties. But it's definitely worth it, because you get a clean, smooth and sweet cup of coffee. And it might be just the thing you need for your caffeine addiction....

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