L9-Varietät Kaffeekirsche


We have been working with the Guardía family from Hacienda Sonora in Costa Rica for over 15 years. We know producer Diego Guardía as an experimental and open-minded person, so it is not surprising that he grows coffee varieties on his farm that are not always typical for Costa Rica.

Diego sometimes grows SL28, Geisha, or even the L9 variety. The L9 variety is considered a sub-variety of the Bourbon variety. It was given to the Guardía family by friends and is therefore a unique variety that you won't find anywhere else. To date, Hacienda Sonora is the only farm where the L9 variety is grown commercially.

The L9 variety differs from the Bourbon variety especially in its size, because it is grown a little smaller. This is good for harvesting, because the pickers can reach the cherries more easily and the bushes do not need to be cut back as often.

In flavor profile, the L9 is similar to "regular" bourbon with notes of dried fruit or the sweetness of jam. The mouthfeel is more syrupy, which is why we like to roast the variety for espresso preparation.