L9-Varietät Kaffeekirsche

L9 | Coffee varieties

Our long-running partners at the Sonora farm in Hacienda, Costa Rica grow the rare variety L9. It’s closely related to the Bourbon variety, so much so that you might even call it a sub-variety of Bourbon itself.

L9 is a variety you won’t see anywhere else, as it was gifted to the Sonora farm by local friends. They are the only producer that grows it commercially, and our close relationship with the team at Hacienda Sonora means it’s something of 19grams special.

The main practical difference with the regular Bourbon variety is the size of the trees: L9s are slightly smaller, making the cherries at the top easier for pickers to reach, and reducing the need for pruning that the loftier Bourbon trees can require.

Flavour-wise, the L9 is pretty similar to regular Bourbons. It’s a rich coffee that will often taste of dried fruits or jams, with a rich and syrupy texture.

Get some of this unique Costa Rican variety into your cup with our Hecienda Sonora L9 espresso here.