Karlsbader Kanne

The Karlsbad pot, also known as the Karlovy Vary or Bayreuth coffee pot, is a remarkable creation in the field of coffee enjoyment. This special coffee pot combines elegance, tradition and unadulterated taste.

Made of white porcelain and with its characteristic bulbous shape, the Karlsbad pot is an eye-catcher on any laid table. Its aesthetic design attracts attention and suggests that something special is on offer here. Unlike conventional coffee machines, it requires neither filter paper nor a filter holder. Instead, it relies on an ingenious system of four porcelain parts: a coffee pot, a brewing attachment and two coarse-meshed porcelain filters.

Brewing with the Karlsbad pot is simple yet impressive. You pour coarsely ground coffee directly into the porcelain double filter, put on the water distributor and slowly pour hot water over it. The water flows through the coffee powder in the sieve and finally ends up in the pot. After removing the sieve attachment and putting on the lid, the coffee can be served directly from the Karlsbad pot.

What makes the coffee from the Karlovy Vary pot special is its pure aroma. The tasteless porcelain and the special double sieve ensure that all fats, oils, sugars and acids are extracted from the coffee. Only the coffee grounds remain in the coarse-meshed filters, while the aromas end up directly in the coffee pot. This means that you can enjoy a coffee that is free of foreign flavours and is particularly mild and digestible.

For an optimal taste experience, it is recommended to use high-quality Arabica varieties for preparation in the Karlsbad pot. The unadulterated way of preparing coffee brings out the fine nuances and aromas of these varieties particularly well.

So why not discover coffee from the Karlovy Vary pot and experience a new dimension of coffee enjoyment? Let yourself be enchanted by this porcelain masterpiece

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