Pressed AeroPress

All About AeroPress

Invented in 2004 by Alan Adler, a retired Stanford University engineering professor, it burst onto the coffee scene in 2005. This compact and portable manual coffee maker has become known for its versatility and ability to brew exceptional coffee. It doesn't meet all the technical requirements of an espresso machine, but with a few simple techniques and modifications, you can enjoy coffee like an espresso at a fraction of the price with your AeroPress.

It inspired the AeroPress World Cup, where coffee enthusiasts from around the world compete to make the best cup of coffee using their favorite AeroPress recipe.With its simple yet smart design, the AeroPress offers a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional espresso machines that lets you enjoy espresso-style coffee anywhere.

It consists of a cylindrical chamber and a plunger with an airtight silicone seal, similar to a syringe. Ground coffee beans and water are soaked in it and then pressed through a filter by pushing the plunger through the chamber. With the AeroPress, you can brew highly concentrated espresso, but you can also make filter coffee or cold brew coffee.

With the AeroPress you can easily control the amount of coffee and water used, and adjust the brewing time according to almost any criteria. However, when it comes to espresso, pressure can be a problem, as AeroPress coffee machines usually only produce 0.25-0.5 bar of pressure, which is far below the 9-10 bar needed for espresso. That's why we recommend adding an AeroPress Flow Control filter cap to increase pressure during pressing and create crema, the hallmark of espresso.

Whether you're a coffee fan or just looking for a convenient and affordable way to enjoy coffee like espresso, the AeroPress is worth considering.

Try them out and explore the world of AeroPress brewing to discover your own perfect cup of coffee! We have detailed brewing instructions to help you get the most out of your AeroPress Espresso, or Inverted AeroPress.