Coffee Preparation

Coffee has been with us for many centuries. Today, there are numerous preparation methods, ranging from traditional to modern. The choice of preparation depends on individual preferences. Quick preparation methods such as filter coffee enjoy great popularity, while the enjoyment of "slow coffee" is becoming increasingly important. The quality of coffee bean and water has a major influence on the result, and clean equipment is crucial.

Filter coffee is the most popular preparation method, with over 70% of German coffee drinkers owning a coffee machine. It is quick and easy, ideal for larger quantities. Alternatively, you can rely on hand filters to experience more intense flavours. The French Press is a handmade method without electricity, in which coffee is mixed with hot water. By pressing the metal sieve, you get a full-bodied coffee with the oil and fat layer preserved.

The fully automatic coffee machine enables the versatile preparation of freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button. It is ideal for the quick enjoyment of cappuccino or espresso, but it is more expensive and requires more space. The portafilter machine, also known as an espresso machine, offers coffee experts the opportunity to perfect the preparation of Italian coffee. With a higher purchase price and sophisticated handling, it is more suitable for baristas and coffee lovers. Try out different preparation methods to discover your personal taste.

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