Kaffeevarietät Bugisu

Coffee Variety Bugisu

The Bugisu variety is mainly grown in Uganda by the coffee farmers of the Bagisu tribe. The tribe lives in the foothills of Mount Elgon and has made a name for itself in Uganda with its washed Arabica coffees.

It is believed that Mount Elgon - once a volcano - was much higher because its base extends much further into eastern Uganda than it is today. The indigenous people believe that God dwells on Mount Elgon, far up in the heights that cannot be climbed by humans. When God is in a good mood, he makes it rain - apparently God has been in a good mood for many years, because there are lush gardens on the slopes.

The Bugisu variety has a citrus-fresh acidity, a full body and develops notes of berries and red fruits in the taste.

The Bugisu cooperative now consists of 8,914 smallholder farmers, and the coffee plants are grown at about 1,250-1,900m above sea level. On average, the farms are about 1.9 ha in size and deliver their harvests to the washing station.