Coffee is a popular beverage consumed by Germans and is considered a significant commodity internationally. Behind the aromatic cup of coffee are numerous ingredients, most of which are well known and researched. Although the complete decoding of coffee components is still in progress, scientists agree that a moderate amount of coffee can have a positive effect on health and is part of a balanced diet.

Coffee consists of about 1000 ingredients, of which about 80% have already been identified. The proportions of the different ingredients vary depending on factors such as the type of coffee, the growing conditions and the roasting process. Many components present in green coffee do not make it into the brewed cup because they are lost during processing.

Caffeine, an alkaloid known for its stimulating effect, is the most famous ingredient. Although not all components are preserved during coffee processing, brewed coffee still contains numerous health-promoting elements. The antioxidants, mainly found in coffee acids such as chlorogenic acid, have a positive effect on health by neutralising free radicals. In fact, coffee contains more antioxidants than nuts, vegetables or tea, further highlighting its potential health benefits.

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