Preparing a shot of espresso at 19grams alex cafe at Alexanderplatz

The preparation of Coffee

The preparation of coffee plays a decisive role in the development of its flavor. Two factors in particular are of great importance: the strength and the extraction. By strength we mean the ratio of coffee grounds to water. It is important to find the right balance to obtain a full-bodied and aromatic coffee. Too little ground coffee will result in a weak and thin taste experience, while too much ground coffee can result in an overpowering and possibly bitter cup.

Extraction, in turn, describes the duration of contact between the ground coffee and the water. The key here is to find an optimal extraction time. If the coffee is extracted for too short a time, its flavor will remain flat and weak. On the other hand, too long an extraction time results in a bitter taste sensation. It is therefore of great importance to find the right balance between strength and extraction in order to obtain a perfectly balanced coffee with a rich and balanced taste. Proper preparation allows you to enjoy the full aroma and nuances of coffee and achieve a high quality taste experience.

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