The Dega variety is a regional coffee variety from Ethiopia.

The term "Heirloom" is often used as an umbrella term for Ethiopian coffee. However, there are also subdivisions into so-called "landraces" (landraces). These were originally selected from a wild coffee population and have adapted to specific agro-ecological conditions.

The Dega variety was named after a native tree: the Dega tree. The wood from this tree gives off a sweet, fragrant aroma when used as firewood, similar to the smell when roasting coffee. Translated, the Amharic word "dega" means "cool highland area." An allusion to the agroecological conditions in which Dega coffee grows to its distinct flavor profile.

The picture above shows a lot from Chelbesa, the largest coffee growing area in Gedeb Woreda. There, we work with our partner Girum Assefa.