H17 Varietät Kaffeekirschen an Pflanze

H-17 | Coffee varieties

The H17 variety is a cross between the Caturra and Geisha varieties.

The path to this hybrid began in 2011, when the first Caturra plants were planted on the CGLE farm in Potosi, Colombia.

In 2014, the first cherries were harvested, but the coffee lacked the desired complexity. Further experimentation began:

At the Cerro Azul farm, where Geisha is grown exclusively, a Geisha variety was selected that could be ideally combined with the Caturra variety.

The new Caturra/Geisha hybrid was first planted in 2017 and thrives at 1890 masl on one of the highest elevations of the Potosi farm. There were only 642 trees at 2500 metres growing with a uniquely compact structure. The first branches started about 50 cm above the ground, much higher than other varieties. The cherries were large and thin, similar to the Geisha variety, but with a much higher yield per tree.

The body of the cup is multi-faceted, fruit-driven and incredibly clean with a long-lasting finish reminiscent of a complex white wine.

The H17 we were able to source from Don Martin in Tarrazú, Costa Rica has an equally exciting flavour profile and we are delighted to be able to roast this extremely special and new variety!

The picture above shows the plants in 2020 at Finca La Chumeca - Don Martin Urena's coffee farm.