Café Crème

Cafe Creme

Café Crème, also known as Caffè Crema, originates from Switzerland and is a large cup of coffee prepared using the espresso method. Unlike German filter coffee, café crème is not brewed with a filter method, but under pressure in a piston coffee machine. It can also be called Schümli. It is important for the preparation that the water is pressed through the coffee grounds under high pressure to create the characteristic crema. Café Crème is made with lighter to medium roasts and the grind of the coffee grounds should be finer than for filter coffee, but coarser than for espresso.

In contrast to café crème, caffè americano is an espresso that is subsequently stretched with hot water. Sometimes the brewed espresso is poured directly into a cup filled with hot water. Café Crème and Caffè Americano are similar in some ways, but the difference lies in the preparation method and the mixing ratio of espresso and water.

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