Moccamaster Batch Brew Zubereitung

Batch Brew

There are a hell of a lot of ways to brew filter coffee. While it may have a weird name you've never heard of, batch brewing is by far the most popular method in cafes. Most cafes don't have time to mess with lengthy pour overs or V60s (and if they do, a pour over made in rush hour is never as good as it should be), so they use a machine to brew gallons of filter coffee into a thermos. This makes for better consistency, better workflow, and if you use good coffee and a quality brewing machine, can make for a very tasty cup of coffee. The most important thing is that the coffee is still fresh - within a couple of hours - and that the thermos stays nice and clean inside.

A good and reliable choice if you like black coffee, and many specialty coffee cafes use higher quality coffees for filter coffee than for espresso.