Bandeira: An exquisite coffee from Brazil

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is grown in different regions of the world. One of the most notable varieties comes from the Santos region in Brazil and is called Bandeirante, or simply Bandeira. This particular coffee has made a name for itself due to its exceptional production process and is appreciated by coffee lovers for its high quality.

The name Bandeira is derived from the Portuguese word for flag. Originally, in the 17th century, members of expeditionary parties that explored and developed the Brazilian interior in search of diamonds, gold and slaves were called bandeirantes. Nowadays, the coffee grown in this region is also called bandeira.

Bandeirante coffee is usually grown by small family-run farms in the Santos region. The coffee cherries are carefully picked by hand, which makes the process a little more laborious, but greatly improves the quality of the coffee. One of the notable features of Bandeirante coffee is the size of the coffee beans, which are significantly larger than usual. This is a sign of the good quality and special taste of this coffee.

Bandeirante coffee is characterised by its sweet almond-like taste, intense body and mild acidity. Its characteristics make it particularly suitable for making espresso, but also for other coffee drinks.

Brazil, especially the Santos region and the Cerrados, a savannah landscape in the centre of the country, is the main cultivation area for Bandeira coffee. Although coffee cultivation in this region is already modernised and uses advanced technologies, there are still many small farms that specialise in growing top-quality coffee. The Cerrados offer ideal climatic conditions for growing high-quality coffee. The warm days and cold nights create optimal growing conditions for the coffee plants. During harvest time, the Cerrados are in the dry season, which minimises the risk of rain damage to the ripe coffee cherries.

In addition to the favourable climatic conditions, Bandeira coffee also benefits from the landscape conditions of the Cerrados. The flat topography facilitates access to the coffee plants and allows coffee farmers to use irrigation systems in case of prolonged dry spells.

Bandeirante coffee is a real treat for coffee connoisseurs. Its exceptional quality, unique taste and meticulous hand-harvesting make it a remarkable coffee from Brazil. If you are looking for a high-quality coffee experience, you should definitely try the Bandeirante coffee from the Santos region.

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