Bella Vista

Bella Vista

Jonathan Gasca is a young traditional coffee farmer born in the department with the highest coffee production in Colombia, Pitalito. Pitalito is located in the southern department of Huila.

"I was born on a coffee plantation," Jonathan says.... My grandparents and parents have always been dedicated to growing coffee and although I have to thank them for this passion, the truth is that they sold coffee to those who paid the most, they focused on producing quantity but not quality, that was the way to have a permanent income.

As a child Jonathan wanted to be a soccer player and together with his brother Johan he traveled to Cali to train with a professional team, Deportivo Cali. Things didn't go very well there and over time they felt alone. Those who sent the money to support them were their mother and that frustrated them a lot because things were not going as they had hoped.... So they decided to return home.

His mother insisted that he study and decided on radiology in Bogota. However, Jhonatan did not agree with this idea at all. Nevertheless, he took the opportunity to study and applied as a technologist in ecological agricultural and livestock production, knowing that it would give him more field and opportunities on the farm.

In 2008, the subject of specialized coffee was something new and, together with his uncle and brother, he began to carry out the first tests to plant specialized coffee on a plot of land given to them by their father.

The first coffee he produced was a Honey. Enthusiastic, he took it to the SKM cooperative, where it was the best paid. But unfortunately, he was rejected because of the appearance of the coffee. "There was no trade for coffee," Jonathan says. He was very frustrated because his family did not share his same standards for quality coffee.

Determined to get started with specialty coffees, he continued to experiment and learn. He was really interested in what he was selling. In addition, the Lasso family, well-known friends with excellent specialty coffees, had provided great motivation. They were an example for Jonathan to follow and he was excited to be able to reach the level of their coffees.

Jonathan and Johan (his brother and partner) dream of worldwide recognition, not only because of the money, but because they are proud to continue the family tradition and increase the reputation of the product that has given them everything in life: Coffee.