Peru | South America

Peru is currently number 9 coffee growing country in the world and number 1 in organic coffee exports. The first coffee arrived in Peru between 1740 and 1760 and was consumed exclusively by locals in the beginning. It was not until 1890 that the product began to be exported. Because poorly developed roads to the farms make access difficult, harvesting focuses on hand-picking and natural fertilizers are used. This is why Peruvian coffee is organic in many ways.

Puno and other coffee regions from Peru have won awards in recent years at the annual Cup of Excellence, the best-known international coffee awards. This has led to an upswing in the specialty coffee industry and since 2010 Peru has been one of the top Arabica producers in the world.

Peruvian coffee has a very clean cup profile as well as a rather heavy body. In terms of taste, it convinces with its gentle sweetness. Increasingly, the market is enriched by more and more distinctive coffee varieties.