Kaffeeplantage Hawaii

Hawaii | Caribbean

Coffee has been grown in Hawaii since 1825 and, along with bananas, is the number one export product.

It is predominantly Arabica in the varieties Catuai, Caturra and Typica cultivated. The climate is characterized by vector clouds rising from the ocean in the afternoon, which protect the shade-loving coffee from excessive solar radiation. The soil conditions due to volcanic soil have an extremely positive effect on the quality of the beans.

Kona is a world-renowned growing area in Hawaii and is located on the main island. The so-called Kona beans are not only shinier and shapelier than average, but are also considered a speciality by coffee connoisseurs. Due to the small size of the cultivation area (only about 100 square kilometers), production is severely limited. The labor costs as well as the production costs are therefore high. Thanks to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil, however, the growing area is also the world's most productive.

In terms of taste, coffee from Hawaii convinces with fine notes of cinnamon, nut and milk chocolate. It is extremely harmonious and has a restrained acid structure and a medium body.