Designed and manufactured in Japan, the Hario V60 has become the most popular pour-over method for leading baristas around the world.

The Hario V60 has long been a brewing method loved by professionals and coffee lovers for its flexibility and the freedom it allows. With its flowing grooves, lightness and straightforward design, the Hario V60 Coffee Filter is a basic tool for any filter set and must-have in your equipment. The V60 Drippers is available in ceramic or plastic. At 19grams, we especially recommend the plastic variety because it allows the brew to maintain a constant temperature during brewing. The wavy grooves and precise 60° angle help the water flow optimally and ensure that even the subtlest nuances of flavor are extracted.

Below you will find the recipe we use and recommend to all 19grams coffee brewers. We work with different grinds on each coffee, depending on the roast and type of bean, to achieve a tasty, clean cup for your home brew.


V60 2 cups

Brew ratio: 1:15-16 depending on grinder and water quality

Dose: 20 - 24g

Amount of water: 300g - 350g

Brewing time: 2:30 - 3:30

Grinding ratio on the Mahlkönig EK24: 11-13 on the new EK wheel


1. Place your accessories on your scale and tare them down so you can weigh the water as you brew.

2. Insert the filter paper into the V60 and rinse it to remove any paper flavoring.

3. Boil the water, 92-96 degrees is the sweet spot. It is best to let a regular kettle come to a full boil once and then cool for 1-2 minutes.

4. Pour the ground coffee into the filter. To make sure the coffee is distributed as evenly as possible, gently give the filter a nudge with your hand (hold on ;) ). Tare your scale before you start.

5. Start a timer, slowly and carefully pour 25g of water in the middle, and check the coffee as it blooms. This stage is also called "bloom."

6. At the 30 second mark the coffee should have bloomed, now pour in another 50-70g of water. You can stir gently with a spoon to make sure all the coffee grains are soaked by the water. Pour up to 175g, after another minute pour to 300g. Stir gently again. Your brew should be done within about 3 minutes.



How do you like the coffee from the Hario V60?

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Happy brewing :)