Concentrate & Dilute

Concentrate & Dilute

The recipe to brew a great espresso as a filter

Many espresso roasts in Specialty Coffee are so light that you can easily brew them as a filter without tasting strong roasted notes. But there are techniques to make the fruity notes from espresso come out even better. Try brewing a concentrated coffee once and then continue to infuse it with hot water.

We recommend a slightly lower brewing temperature of 89°C with a brewing ratio of 1:10 (coffee:water).

The coffee is under-extracted, the bitter substances should not be flushed out of the coffee. The water should run through in about 2:40 min.

Test the result with a spoon, so that you can add water through the V60 if necessary, before diluting the coffee.

Now pour more water until you reach about a 1:15 brew ration.

Your recipe:

Water temperature: 89°C

Grind: fine to medium (depending on preference)

Brew ratio: 1:10 concentrated, then pour up to 1:15

Summer Tip!

Brew the coffee directly over large (!) ice cubes and enjoy a great iced filter coffee.