Mocca Master Filterhalter

Filter coffee machine

Filter coffee machines: these days they might be considered a bit passé, something you might find in an office or at your grandparents' place, but they're still a great way to brew coffee. The appeal is simple: put coffee in, press a button, and let the machine do the rest. But there are a few things to keep an eye on behind that simplicity if you want to get the best from your coffee. Try out our method to get a clean and balanced cup. Happy brewing!


29g of your favourite 19grams filter coffee

525g filtered water (if you're buying water in Berlin, we recommend Spree Quell, Volvic, or Lausitzer)

What you'll need:

Filter coffee machine 
Filter papers
Coffee grinder
Digital scales


  1. Weigh the water and fill it into the reservoir.
  2. Weigh the beans, and grind them with your grinder. We generally recommend a medium grind size, but feel free to experiment. If it's too fine, the coffee will taste bitter and over extracted (often described as "strong"). If it's too coarse, it'll taste flat and watery.
  3. Place the filter paper into the holder and add the coffee. Try and get it sitting flat and level in the cone. Pro tip: wet the filter paper to rinse away any papery flavours from the brew.
  4. Hit go and marvel at the wonders of modern technology as the machine does all the hard work. 
  5. Be sure to let all the coffee run through before removing the carafe, as the flavour profile develops as the brew progresses. 
  6. Enjoy - share it with friends, or keep it all for yourself.