Get to know Finca La Bolsa

The Finca La Bolsa was founded in 1958 by Jorge Vides, a doctor. Located in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, the coffee plantation was more of a hobby than a business at the time.

Jorge Vides bought the land, which was still forested at the time, and started growing the Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties. And he did so very successfully. Just four years later, "Anacafé" awarded him the title of "Distinguished Coffee Grower" for the exceptional cup quality his coffees achieve. His humanitarian spirit went beyond coffee production. In 1980, he founded a school that still operates on the farm today.

Meanwhile, Finca La Bolsa is Rainforest Alliance certified and has brought coffees to the final round of the Cup of Excellence. Jorge's incredible success is due to his commitment and the special attention he pays to the sustainability of cultivation and his role as a producer. For him - as for us - it is important that the living standards of his work in and of his country improve, as well as the quality of the coffees he produces.

Coffee from Colombia

Processing in Guatemala

Because of its geographical location and many volcanoes, Guatemala has many natural sources of fresh water. Therefore, the coffee farmers have the possibility to use water-intensive washed processing. In this method, the coffee cherries are first separated according to their weight and size to ensure that a uniformity of ripe cherries prevails. The cherries are then put into a wetmill, where the pulp is separated from the interior. After de-pulping, the next layer, the mucilage, is removed by washing in water. This is done for 12 to 48 hours in a fermentation tank filled with water. Now only the parchment skin and the underlying silver skin are left. To dry the coffee gently, it is then spread out on drying beds.

Caturra and Bourbon from Guatemala

The Caturra variety comes from Brazil. It is a mutation of the Bourbon variety, but is much more productive in comparison. In addition, the Caturra coffee plant only reaches a low height, making it much easier for workers to pick the ripe cherries by hand when harvesting. The cherries have either a red or slightly yellowish colour. The Caturra variety is known for a medium body and combination with a light acidity. The Bourbon variety comes from Africa from the island of La Reunion, formerly known as Bourbon. Originally, the plant comes from Yemen, but the French king had this coffee plant cultivated on the island of Bourbon. Alongside the Typica variety, the Bourbon variety is one of the two major strains that have evolved from the original Arabica plant. The Bourbon plant yields around 20 - 30 % more than the Typica plant. The leaves are light green or red in colour and usually broad and wavy. The cherries are mostly red, but can also take on shades of yellow or orange through crossbreeding. Bourbon is known for a complex sweetness, low acidity and a balanced cup profile.