Your Blind Date on Valentines Day

New year, new you? Whether you're a dating pro, a newby, freshly on the market or a veteran in the field, why not spice it up this year with the perfect blind date.

Valentine's day doesn't always have to be the elephant in the room for singles and should most definitely be celebrated for those already in relationships, especially after the few years we've had to endure. All we can say is, spread the love!

Which is why, this year we've decided to celebrate love and offer you the perfect blind date. But we're not revealing who - or which coffee - it is yet. Whether it's going to be something chocolate, fruity, floral, sweet or spicy...

What we can tell you is that the bean was roasted for espresso and the roastprofile is medium, which means it will also taste great using a filter brew method.

You'll find out which coffee is your blind date on the 14th February. We'll be dropping the curtain on the morning of the 14th. All you'll need to do is scan the code on Valentine's Day, or save this URL directly to your bookmarks bar with the asterisk, and find out which coffee will be your sweetheart.

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