Zubereitungstipps und beste Kaffeebohnen für Vollautomaten

Preparation tips and best coffee beans for fully automatic machines

Preparation tips for your fully-automatic coffee - and how to find the best coffee beans for it!

Does your coffee often taste sour when you drink it from your fully automatic coffee maker? Find the best coffee beans for your coffee maker now and enjoy your cup of coffee with delicious aromatic and balanced chocolaty notes. Find out how and what to look out for here.

For a long time, specialty coffee and fully automatic coffee machines were not a particularly good pair. The preparation of mildly roasted specialty coffees in fully automatic machines can often result in a slightly sour, unflavourful coffee. Why this is so is due to the extraction of the coffee in the fully automatic machine. Many fully automatic coffee machines do not produce a particularly strong and effective extraction, as is the case, for example, when preparing coffee in a portafilter machine. This can lead to slightly acidic notes in our very gently roasted coffees, but this is easy to avoid.

We have 4 preparation tips for you here, which you can use to conjure up a balanced and tasty coffee from your coffee machine:

1. a fine grind

Use the grind setting on the machine and set the grind to a very fine level. This prevents the water from flowing through the coffee too quickly and not enough aromas from the coffee powder being absorbed into the finished coffee.

2. water temperature

The temperature of the water should be around 95 °C. This can be set separately on many fully automatic coffee makers. You can set this separately on many fully automatic machines. At this brewing temperature, the aromas are extracted from the coffee beans in the best possible way.

3. fingers away from the lungo button

If you still don't like the result, don't try to improve it with the lungo button. Instead, use a double espresso and change the ratio of water to coffee a little in favour of the coffee. We recommend a water quantity of approx. 35 - 40 ml for a single espresso from the fully automatic machine.

4. the right type of coffee

It is not uncommon for coffees that have a rather fruity flavour profile and a fine, light body to also tend to come out a little more acidic than coffee from a fully automatic machine. This flavour profile is often found in African coffees, for example, beans from Ethiopia or Rwanda have a very fruity and floral flavour profile. Here we recommend brewing as a filter coffee, as this brings out these subtle fruity flavours particularly well.

With these simple steps, any fully automatic machine can deliver an excellent coffee experience:

Best coffee beans for your fully automatic machine

Coffees that have a strong body and chocolatey, nutty flavours are better suited for brewing in a fully automatic coffee machine. At 19grams, we have developed two excellent coffees that also produce a distinctly delicious and balanced coffee in fully automatic coffee machines.

Warm cocoa notes and fruity sweetness - Endless Summer

We have developed our Endless Summer Espresso especially for perfect preparation in fully automatic coffee machines: Slightly darker roasted, for a full and intense coffee experience from your fully automatic coffee machine. The beans of our Endless Summer Espresso come from Costa Rica. The name of the coffee promises a lot, but it also delivers and impresses with warm strong cocoa aromas, soft notes of melon and the sweetness of cane sugar.

Strong espresso from Brazil - Italo Disco

We can also recommend our Italo Disco espresso from Brazil, especially for fully automatic machines. A strong, aromatic espresso roast with flavours of dark chocolate, caramel and cherries. The beans of this espresso are grown at the Fazenda Ecoagricola in the state of Minas Gerais. We have named the result Italo Disco. Strong and intense with a powerful punch of dark chocolate and caramel surrounded by fruity cherry flavours. We have carefully selected these beans and developed a roast profile specifically for brewing in a fully automatic machine. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't brew the coffee in your espresso machine or espresso pot. That also works wonderfully! But the Italo Disco is particularly well suited for fully automatic coffee machines.

We at 19grams wish you great taste experiences with our coffees for your fully automatic coffee machine!