Papua-Neuguinea Kaffee in AA Qualität

Papua-Neuguinea Kaffee in AA Qualität

KaffeeNEW INPUT: Papua New Guinea Coffee

We have roasted our Papua New Guinea coffee as an espresso, as this wonderfully brings out its fruity-sweet flavors. The coffee beans come from the Western Highlands province, more precisely from the Waghi Valley. The region is dominated by a heterogeneous landscape; in addition to forests, mountain savannahs and grasslands, two mountain ranges extend through the province. The Western Highlands are well developed in terms of infrastructure, and in addition to tourism, coffee and tea cultivation are important sources of income for the local population. Sigri Farm, where our coffee beans come from, is one of the oldest farms in Papua. On 122ha of land, the farm operators today exclusively grow high quality Arabica beans. At 1500 m above sea level, our coffee beans of the Arusha and Typica varieties grow on mountain slopes and can ripen very slowly due to the very constant subtropical climate. Optimal growing conditions for high quality coffee. The harvested coffee beans are processed as 'washed', which means that the pulp is separated from the coffee cherries with a pulper directly after harvesting. The beans are then placed in a large basin filled with water, where they lie for 24 to 36 hours. This stimulates fermentation, which ensures that microorganisms are formed in the water basin that eliminate the remaining pulp from the coffee beans. This washing ensures that the coffee tastes clean and round. At the same time, the fermentation process ensures that it is not too sweet. The green coffee beans are then placed directly in the sun to dry. The coffee beans have the quality grade AA and thus have very few defects or broken beans.

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Our Sigri Espresso

Our Papua New Guinea coffee was roasted as an espresso and is characterized by its finely balanced ratio of sweetness and acidity. Aromas of tangerine, marzipan and caramel can be detected and due to the washed processing it tastes clean and clear. For us, the perfect espresso for the portafilter machine, but also in the fully automatic machine or in the mocha pot it proves itself well!

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