Meet the Team | Pia from the Online Department

Meet the Team | Pia from the Online Department

How did you start in Specialty Coffee?
I started as a part of the Online Team of a Berlin-based Roastery without having any direct experience in Specialty Coffee. I was lucky at the time to have the opportunity to work with great people that had the patience to tell me and teach me so much about their field. Furthermore, I also took all the workshops and read a lot about Specialty Coffee. I am still fascinated by how complex and interesting it is and how much science we deal with every day.

Where are you from?
I am one of the few Germans on the team :)

What was your favourite cup of coffee that you’ve ever drunk?
I would say that it was THE cup of Kochere, Ethiopia that opened my eyes to Specialty Coffee, around 5 years ago, when I applied for the job at the other roastery in Berlin that I was working for. I never really liked the "classic German filter coffee", so for me, it was the first time having filter coffee and, as I had the first sip, I got drawn into this kind of coffee.

Have you ever been to Origin? If so, what was your favourite country?
If not, where would be first on your list?
Unfortunately, I haven't been yet. I would love to go to Central America though, my favourite would be Costa Rica - obviously. Hopefully one day. Fingers crossed.

What is your go-to brewing method on the weekend?
I usually brew a V60 every morning.

When and why did you start working in Coffee?
I worked in Cafés when I studied, but I started in the REAL Specialty Coffee Industry in 2017, when I started in the Online Team for another Berlin-based Specialty Coffee Roastery.

Did you ever think about re-inventing a brewing method?
I am more like a paper tiger in Specialty Coffee, so I would leave the brewing/ brewing re-invention to the actual brewing professionals. ;)

If you were given an elephant that you couldn’t get rid of, what would you do with it?
I heard that they like watching endless series on online streaming services...

What is your favourite Roastery at the moment?
Do we have more than one? ;)

Is this where you see yourself in 10 years time?
Very hard to say where I see myself - but I am always striving for more (personal) growth.

What Netflix series should nobody know that you've watched?
I actually only watch it because my elephant can't get enough of it. But I don't want the elephant to be embarrassed ;)

Which is your favourite 19grams coffee at the moment?
I looooove the La Toma - BEST coffee!!

Is there a fact about Specialty Coffee that is super important to you?
From the beginning, I was fascinated by the passion and love for detail that everyone who works in the industry brings into it. I also love the scene in Berlin, but Germany is also quite small, so you get a nice feeling of the community.