Geisha Kaffee - die Könige des Specialty Coffees

Geisha Coffee - the kings of Specialty Coffee

Geisha Coffee is on everyone's lips. Due to its outstanding, very complex flavors, the exceptional quality, and especially its rarity, Geisha coffee is incredibly desired. This season, for the first time, we have brought five different Geisha Coffees to Berlin for you. Three of them come from farms in Costa Rica, with whom we have been close friends for many years. The fourth Geisha coffee we get from the Don Pachi Farm in Panama. We know the operator Francisco for many years, but it is the first time that we now roast one of his coffees for you.

What's to know about Geisha Coffee? A little history

The Geisha variety originated in Ethiopia. From there, she was brought to Central America. There are several reasons why they were brought to Costa Rica and Panama: during that time, a severe fungal infestation raged in coffee plantations and farmers lost not only crop yields but entire coffee fields. More by chance, it was discovered that the Geisha varieties were resistant to this disease. The unique terroir of the soil in Central America allows the coffee cherries to develop their particularly rich and complex character. Geisha coffees develop strong floral notes with sweetness and lemony acids, which is more typical of African coffees. Yet they are very light and have a tea-like body. Because individual coffee trees produce only a few cherries, their flavors are so intense. Thus, the full energy of the plant can be distributed among just a few cherries. Since 2004, Hacienda La Esmeralda gained enormous notoriety when it entered a competition with a Geisha lot, and subsequently won it several times in a row. Geisha Coffee was able to be brought to market by farmers for an enormously higher price than Commodity Coffee back in 2007, and the price continues to rise sharply. This has encouraged many coffee farmers in Costa Rica and Panama to grow this noble Geisha variety.

Panama was not known for Specialty Coffee for a long time. But that has changed with the cultivation and steady cultivation of Geisha varieties: Francisico Seracín Sr. (Don Pachi) brought the first Geisha seeds to Panama about 30 years ago. He began growing them on his coffee farm in the Boquete region at about 1400 MNN. What is remarkable about this coffee story is that this variety was not known in Panama until then. Don Pachi has done incredible pioneering work for this variety since then. Political instability and difficult access to international purchase markets made it almost impossible for the Panamanian coffee sector to spread to the world market. Because of the difficult growing conditions, and due to low crop yields, the spread of the Geisha variety was particularly difficult. However, his passion for coffee, along with a fair amount of bite and tenacity, enabled him to establish the Geisha variety throughout Panama. From here, it also made its way to the Hacienda La Esmeralda, known for its exceptional Geisha lots. Don Pachi is now considered the "Godfather of Geisha" in Panama. He died in 2016 at the age of 78.

Costa Rica's best Geisha Coffees - the place to grow

Costarican Geisha Coffee is originally a wild coffee variety from Ethiopia. It is believed that the Geisha seeds first reached Costa Rica from Ethiopia, where they were grown mainly because they are resistant to some typical coffee diseases and mushrooms.

The crop yields of the Geisha variety are extremely low. Therefore, it is difficult to find them on commercial plantations and farms. Their rarity is mainly due to the low crop yields, but also due to the demanding growing conditions of the plants. However, due to the unique volcanic terroir of the coffee-growing regions, which is rich in micronutrients, as well as the special microclimates in Costa Rica, the Geishas develop incredibly complex, floral and sweet flavor profiles that stand out on any cupping table. The coffee plants often grow amidst exotic trees and other wild jungle plants, which provides the best conditions for the high quality of the coffees.

The Hacienda Sonora, from which we get two great Geisha Coffees this year, is located on the fertile foothills of the world-famous Poas volcano in the West Valley Costa Rica. At Sonora Farm, special emphasis is placed on sustainable cultivation in order to grow these great coffees in harmony with nature. Large parts of the farm are still untouched rainforest. The constant development and great work of the coffee farmers in Costa Rica constantly produces new outstanding coffees. Such is the case with our Don Martin Geisha Enano, a branch geisha mutation.It was recently discovered by Don Martin Urena on his farm La Chumeca. It is considered a mystery variety, still completely unknown. Don Martin has also developed his very own fermentation process, combining the aerobic and anaerobic fermentation and analyzing the individual Brix degrees in coffee honey.

Delicious things are coming your way: We at 19grams have secured five spectacular Geisha Coffees for you. The coffees are hardly to be surpassed in terms of elegance, clarity and aromatic diversity. This year we will present three different Geisha coffees from Costa Rica: two of them come from Hacienda Sonora, a coffee farm we have been working with for many years. Here you will have the rare opportunity to enjoy the same Geisha variety from the same farm, prepared in two different ways, side by side.

Behind the Sonora Geisha Natural and the Don Martin Geisha Enano hide incredible aromatic flavor profiles in the cup that is waiting to be discovered!

With the Don Pachi Geisha coffee we have chosen a "classic" lot for you. It has been naturally processed and brings balanced floral and sweet flavors to the cup. It is a wonderful flavor contrast to the novel and ever evolving fermentation methods.

Our newcomer among Geisha coffees is the Finca Chelin Geisha Coffee - Mexico Geisha. This extremely limited Geisha Lot was grown by innovative farmer Enrique López on the Chelin farm in Mexico.

Have fun trying our Geisha coffees!