A Barista, a Bartender, and a Barrister walk into a bar...

A Barista, a Bartender, and a Barrister walk into a bar...

A barista is a coffee expert who works in an espresso bar or café. They not only prepare various coffee specialities, but also keep an eye on the perfect roasting of the coffee bean and know the technical finesses of the espresso machine. A qualified barista knows how to present his coffee in an appealing way so that coffee enjoyment is guaranteed.

The term "barista" comes from Italy and means bartender. In Italy, barista is an apprenticeship profession. The profession includes the preparation and serving of all kinds of drinks and is not limited to the preparation of coffee specialities. Globally, the meaning of the term barista has shifted to refer exclusively to a specialist in the preparation of espresso-based speciality coffees. Barista training varies internationally and is not protected, but the standards of the SCA (Special Coffee Association) serve as a guide to competent training. To obtain the coffee diploma, the aspiring barista is trained in various topics such as roasting, grinding, brewing, green coffee, etc. In addition to theoretical knowledge, barista skills are also taught. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the training also teaches practical skills. However, the key to a barista's success is a flair for coffee and the clientele.

Since the salary of a barista is usually rather low, a passion for coffee is a prerequisite. The daily routine of a barista straddles the line between art and technology - an artist and a technician. A barista knows everything about the right temperature, the right grind and the right pressure for an espresso machine. Their daily work is varied and requires an extensive knowledge of coffee varieties, different roasting methods and technical understanding. The work of a good barista (especially in a third, fourth or fifth wave coffee shop) also requires an extensive knowledge of coffee types, different roasting methods and a technical understanding of how to properly maintain espresso machines. In addition, the barista is communicative and knows how to sell his specialty coffees.

Knowledge of coffee varieties, roasting methods, espresso machine repair, coffee processing methods and the ability to communicate and sell their specialties to their customers (whether connoisseurs or novices) is not all a barista does. They are also artists. A creative artist who works with the medium of milk foam. This particular art, which not all baristas have mastered, is called "latte art". The milk foam serves as a canvas on which true works of art are created, sometimes with the help of stencils and pens. Whether simple symbols or entire paintings, barista latte art is ephemeral by nature, but beautiful for that very reason. In addition to artistic talent, the right consistency of the milk foam and the optimal pouring of the milk into the cup are also crucial. The best artists regularly take part in competitions, and some have even been crowned world champion baristas.

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Unfortunately I don't have a joke ready here, a barrister is simply an English lawyer.