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What is a Roast Master?

A roast master is a coffee expert who has extensive experience in roasting coffee beans. He is responsible for refining the green coffee through the roasting process and must have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. A master roaster should be familiar with different coffee varieties and origins and know which beans develop the best aroma and characteristic flavour with which degree of roasting. He has a precise understanding of how the beans react during roasting and can already tell when the coffee is ready to roast by the colour and smell of the beans. In addition, small drum roasters for home use are also called master roasters.

Master roaster is not a traditional apprenticeship. However, people who want to start their own roasting business, for example, can attend special seminars and training courses that teach the necessary skills and knowledge.

One of the most important tasks of a master roaster is to ensure the right roasting curve for each type of coffee. During roasting, the coffee beans are exposed to different temperatures at different times to achieve the best possible result. In drum roasting, for example, the roaster is first preheated, but the temperature is lowered as soon as the coffee beans are placed in the drum. Then the temperature is gradually increased. 

Only when the temperature and roasting time are set correctly can the coffee develop its full aroma. The so-called Maillard reaction plays a decisive role in the roasting process. In this process, the amino acids and sugars contained in the coffee beans are recombined, which leads to the browning of the beans and the formation of aroma substances. The roast master has the ability to influence this exact process.

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