Blonde Roast?

Blonde Roast is where two outstanding coffees meet: the elegant Tanzanian and the lively Colombian. This variety seduces with a delicate fruity character, a hint of sweetness, and is particularly light and elegant in taste. The light and careful roasting awakens the aromatic diversity of each coffee bean.

Where does the name come from?

The name Blonde Roast says it all: the coffee beans are gently roasted at a low temperature until they crack open with an audible first crack. The beans turn golden brown, and more fruit aromas are retained. The result of light roasting is a surprisingly different tasting filter coffee with little bitterness and a warm golden brown color.

Why roast coffee light all of a sudden?

The darker a coffee is roasted, the stronger you taste the roasted flavors. Light roasts also bring out other aromas and flavors, such as fruity or floral aromas. Often, the coffees are also characterized by a slight sweetness. The trend toward lighter roasts is becoming more and more prevalent in the coffee industry. The lighter bean not only looks different, it also tastes completely different and is an exciting innovation for the conscious coffee connoisseur.

What is the best way to prepare Blonde Roast?

Especially suitable for the preparation of Blonde Roast is the porcelain hand filter. However, a filter coffee maker or a sieve stamp pot can also be used. First, rinse the paper filter with hot water to reduce the inherent taste of the filter paper. For two cups of coffee (i.e. approx. 250 ml), we recommend 2 heaped tablespoons of Blonde Roast coffee grounds (approx. 14 g). Then infuse with water at 94 °C. Small tip: 94 °C is reached approximately if you boil water in the kettle and then leave the pot with the lid open for 1 minute. Then allow the coffee powder to swell for about half a minute and then pour in the remaining water in a circular motion.

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