SL28 | Coffee varieties

The variety SL28 one of the most relevant varieties in the world of specialty coffees. It is ubiquitous in Kenya, but not only. 

Between 1934 and 1963 it was brought to Kenya for cultivation by Scottish and French missions and developed there by the research organization Scott Laboratories - hence the name SL. There are several varieties, mostly based on Moka and Bourbon types. The coffee plant has broad leaves with copper-colored tips, large beans, and an exceptionally complex flavor profile with a very high quality.In terms of taste, the variety easily approaches the quality of the flavor profiles of the Geisha varieties as well.

Flavorfully complex, honey and brown sugar cane are responsible for the sweetness of this Pacamara coffee. With a full velvety body, barrique notes of vanilla, fine dark chocolate and ripe cherries can be detected. Click here for our Pacamara coffee.